Characters of Motu Patlu Fighting Game

Motu: Motu is a chubby man who functions as the one of the show's central protagonists. He likes to eat samosas that provides him his power. His very best friend is Patlu. He often lands in some trouble because of his actions. He is always seeking the easiest way to earn money, have a great time and have to eat a whole lot of samosas, even when this means landing himself in some trouble. Some times he receives over-expressive whilst celebrating his success and can take action very foolish, like bringing back a pirate in the current they had delivered back into the past. He is also shown bragging about something he has not done. He wears a red blouse with a navy blue (though mostly black) vest, yellowish Pyjamas, and also shoes. His talking accent looks impacted by Dara Singh. When he eats samosas, he receives extra energy like Chhota Bheem and can defeat anyone in the globe. He is portrayed as acutely afraid of mice. His father is thought to have been abducted by extraterrestrials by Axar throughout his search for extraterrestrial life forms from the world.

Patlu: Patlu is a slim man who functions as the one of the show's central protagonists. He is often portrayed as the smartest guy from the city. He often gets into trouble along side Motu in Motu Patlu Fight however he manages to help himself and Motu when they land in some trouble. He always advises Motu to be inside their normal track and therefore lead a"danger-free" lifetime, however, he can always be coaxed (or forced) by Motu in to helping him. He dislikes samosas however likes to read newspapers. He wears a yellow lady with orange leggings, brown-framed glasses, and brown sneakers. His accent is like a sardar, therefore he is known as a Punjabi. His creations are usually quite striking, but are of use to the townspeople. In fact, more times than not they find yourself landing someone in some trouble. Jhatka is famous for his balding hair, green top, violet necktie, and blue jeans. His grandfather is shown for a millionaire searching for the whereabouts of his grandson at Furfuri Nagar; he almost falls in to the sly, pretentious and crafty John's trap, that wants to become his scientist grandson. His design is a parallel variation of Motu. 

Ghasitaram: Ghasitaram has 20 years of working experience in most area but none of the ability is of good use to anyone. His design is a parallel model of Patlu.

Chingum: This is a police inspector. He considers that no criminal can escape out of his clutches. But, chingum manages to catch criminals only by chance with the help of Motu and Patlu. A Rajinikanth devotee using a powerful south Indian accent, Chingum is a solicitous police inspector. He takes pride in the fact that no criminal can get away from him. When he fires his rifle at the air after telling his dialogue, coconuts fall on his head and makes him fall into the bottom. He drives a green motor cycle and at times also drives a police jeep.

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